I’ve created several training programs, courses and information products that I hope will help you move forward with your business. It’s certainly better to learn from someone who’s been there rather than figuring it out all on your own.

Browse the courses below and be on the lookout for other programs that I offer throughout the year such as my Info Product Weekend Virtual Workshops.

If there’s something that you need in your business and you can’t find help anywhere on my site, be sure to reach out and email me at support<at>workathomepop<dot>com.



Charge What You Deserve Home Study System
“Find out how you can easily add 50% or more to your fees and attract more clients with the utmost of integrity!”
I created the Charge What You Deserve Home Study System to offer an affordable, convenient and effective tool that you can use any time. It’s like having your own personal, fee-setting coach with you any time you need.

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Promo Partner Profits
Discover My #1 Strategy That YOU Can Use To Build Your List, Sell Your Products And Fill Your Group & Private Coaching Programs…ANYTIME You Need! It’s from using promotional partnerships; finding others who are already serving your ideal clients and allowing them to share YOUR work with their audiences. There are dozens or even hundreds of people in EVERY market RIGHT NOW who engage in promotional partnerships and I want to show you exactly how to find and approach them for long-lasting and profitable relationships.”

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Interview Wealth Home Study System
“Finally Revealed…Simple Strategies To Skyrocket Your Cash-Flow, Credibility, Confidence And Connections By Interviewing Experts On The Topic Of Your Choice Even If You’re Just Starting Your Business…GUARANTEED!”

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